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Events and News

Sharquiyat Exhibition Opening


Add an oriental Touch to your place with Sharquiat exhibition.




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Welcome to Tripoli. You may by now have garnered as much information about your new home city in order to prepare yourself before your arrival, however you can never have enough information!

Intripoli provides you with the inside scoop about what’s going on, the new hotspots, favorite oldies and just about everything else you need to know to make your new life here as pleasant and comfortable as it can be.

Eslyien House

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eslyien House

Over 200 years ago, Eslyien House is located in Yefren, about 130 km, south west of Tripoli. eslyien House has breathtaking views overlooking the rugged Jabl Nufosa landscape. It is situated on a hilltop affording views of the surrounding olive trees that form part of the history of the original olive oil press on the grounds of the property.